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CNR-IMM proposes for the fifth consecutive year the project written for the STEM initiative in the framework of the collaboration with the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Italian Government (DPO). Aim of the project is to disseminate the scientific activities of our Institute and to promote equal opportunities in the scientific and technological culture.With this initiative IMM wants to close the gap between citizens and science and encourage a discussion on the presence of women in the STEM disciplines, with the idea of ??stimulating the development of a critical vision on prejudices and gender stereotypes concerning the science.
This year the project activity will consist in carrying out online seminars for Schools and public entities held by the female Researchers of our Institute, as witness of their experiences in the scientific world, starting from their educational paths. In the project framework, we have also hosted in the past years a few High School students in our IMM Catania site, to visit our laboratories equipped with the most advanced instruments for microelectronics and nanotechnology applications, and located inside STMicroelectronics.
In 2021, to celebrate the fifth year of activity, CNR-IMM will inaugurate a series of online events, during which we will be glad to have a guest from STMicroelectronics Catania site, as one of our presenters.

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