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Women in steam
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In Italy, even today, the gender gap in STEM subjects is very high, despite some small steps forward in recent years. It is important, then, to share the direct testimony of women scientists working in Italy and abroad in different fields and to reflect together on the importance of Goal 5 of the 2030 Agenda: "Achieve gender equality and self-determination for all women and girls."
Choosing a science faculty is a great opportunity for themselves and for the good of the country system. The protagonists of this special lecture will demonstrate this.
Serena Giacomin, atmospheric physicist, president of the Italian Climate Network, together with Luca Perri, astrophysicist and well-known science popularizer, will talk with Anna Grassellino, electronic engineer, chosen to lead the team that will build the world's largest quantum computer at Fermilab in Chicago; Alessandra Sciutti, researcher in charge of the Cognitive Robotics and Interaction Laboratory at IIT-Italian Institute of Technology, where she studies how a robot interacts with a human being; Cristina Scelzo, head of the Malignant B-cell Biology and 3D Modeling Laboratory at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan; Raffaella Di Micco, head of the Cellular Senescence Laboratory at the Telethon Institute of San Raffaele in Milan where she studies stem cells, particularly blood cells to develop gene therapies.

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